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You can buy synthetic turf from On Deck Sports for virtually any sport facility project and stay within your budget. You can purchase cheap used turf and we have overstock priced turf options as well. We also have a full line of turf training mats for baseball & softball facilities for sale along with home plate halos, fulfilling all your sport turf needs. Have questions? Contact one of our artificial turf experts today.

Outdoor Turf Systems

Wall padding is a great way to protect athletes in all sports, not just high-contact sports. We have installed our products for a variety of different sports, both indoor and outdoor, such as football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, and more. Our products have a variety of benefits, with safety being just one of many.

We can design and print custom images and graphics on your wall padding. Our six-color printing capabilities can create an electric atmosphere within your facility, which creates the ultimate game-day experience. Some of the designs we can print with our six-color capabilities include:

  • Sponsors
  • Donors
  • Mascots
  • Fonts
  • Logos
  • And more

To learn more about our custom printing abilities, contact our team today.

It is proven that displaying your school’s colors, mascots, logos, and more throughout and around your facilities will increase the visual awareness and atmosphere within your facility. With our state-of-the-art wall padding solutions, you can enhance brand awareness for your sports team. We hand make each of our products to ensure it exceeds safety standards and meets your needs.

Indoor Turf Systems

At Gulf Stream Athletic Supply, we pride ourselves on being a step above the rest of the competition. We can create designs to enhance the safety and appearance of your facilities. In addition to our custom creation process, we also do our own independent testing to further enhance the safety of our customers. Our products are state-of-the-art and are proven to prevent injuries with their shock-absorbing capabilities.

A critical component in your sports facility is having the right design that inspires your players, unites your fans, and boosts your school’s brand. That’s why schools choose Gulf Stream Athletic Supply for high-end outfield wall padding. We offer fully-customizable athletic padding products for all types of baseball and softball facilities.

Tell us what type of padding you need for your outfield, and we will make it to your exact specifications. We are the leader in sports wall padding. To find out more about our stylish padding, contact us at 954-709-1319.

As a college coach or university sports administrator, you understand the value of a powerful brand and a professional image. So why would you want to settle for second-rate products? Our Gulf Stream Sports Supply are made from the top materials in the padding industry and designed to meet or exceed your specifications. This ensures your padding lasts longer and can withstand the outside elements and athletic environments like softball or baseball fields.

We do not use stick-ons which can peel off or fade. Instead, we professionally imprint the design onto the vinyl so that it is permanent. All of our images are made from high-definition graphics you supply. By working together, we can create an amazing design scheme across all of your padding. The result is an eye-catching product that projects a Wow! factor. We work with many of the top collegiate and professional baseball and softball programs in the country. Find out what we can do you for your organization!

Turf Systems


Gulf Stream Athletic Supply has an offering that spans all levels of baseball from Pro to the local little league field.

The quality turf we manufacture utilizes the latest technology.

Features like heat reduction, ball bounce, speed of the ball roll and even light reflection are all advancements that are addressed in our product designs.

Field Hockey

Gulf Stream Athletic Supply has developed a world class Field Hockey surface utilizing the latest technology.

Your players will excel on Sporturf’s Field hockey system.

Our durability comes from the technologically advanced Silverback™ coating along with the highest performance yarn available in the market place.


A tradition like no other, American Football pulses with the beating heart of those who came before and those who about to come into the sport. The strength, speed and agility required to play has few rivals from other sports. 

Sporturf artificial turf surfaces are designed to withstand the rigors athletes, Mother Nature and owners throw at it.

Field Hockey

In the world of indoor sports it is important to have a quality manufacturer that can deliver products that will perform in this unique environment.

Gulf Stream Athletic Supply indoor line up provides a high quality, high performance with a quick install and no mess solution for owners and athletes alike.


Our craftsmanship and cutting edge technology is a great pairing to the sport of Lacrosse.

With a game that is fast paced and demands an environment that yields to sudden and quick movements to pass, shoot and score Sporturf’s products deliver.


Natural grass has been the product of choice for many years but with tight budgets, lacking maintenance dollars and concerns over consistent playability of the surface, synthetic turf has earned its place in the highest levels of play. 

No longer will athletes have to play the surface, now they can focus on the opponent or work on that pass.


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